Friday, May 18, 2007

The Netherlands

I had to head out to the Netherlands at some point

Amsterdam just has a very cool look and feel to it

Lots of horse carriages in this city, almost got run over a couple of times

Churches here have very tall, epic-looking steeples

Lots of little farmer's markets going on in the various squares located throughout the city

Rivers and canals run throughout the entire city

The Amsterdam Royal Palace, which sits in the middle of a massive city square

Amazing Dutch panckes - talk about a friggin' big pancake

Another cool little city square - lots of hustle & bustle in these squares

The tram can get you to just about anywhere in the city

Spent several hours in the Van Gogh museum: absolutely amazing place to get your Van Gogh fix

Also managed to make it over to the Heineken Factory - had to sneak in just as they were closing

Wandering around the factory

While I'm not personally a big fan of Heineken, the beer tasted pretty damn good straight from the factory

Another really cool looking building: the general designs were really eye-catching here

Best damn pancakes in the city here in this little pancake house on the 1st floor

Took a tour of Anne Frank's house as well: this was intense

Anne Frank's real diary

Just outside of Anne Frank's house. I was really far-removed from this whole thing when I read the book in high-school, but there was an indescribable impact to seeing just how "real" this all was by physically being there.

Another beautiful little canal running through the city

Also stopped by the Rembrandt house

The detail of these original sketches was amazing to look at, I could have stared at these for hours