Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is such a friggin cool city in Thailand. It's the 2nd largest (behind Bangkok), but has a completely different feel

One similarity to Bangkok is the pictures of the king everywhere; this dude is seriously loved in this country

I dig the architectural styles here

There are a ton of really cool temples in this city; I walked around the corner from the much smaller and more modern temple above and stumbled into this one

Inside the temple above was a massive gold Bhuddah, this thing was huge.

There were also really cool elephant statues surrounding the temple

The monks' robes hanging out to dry

Inside another Bhuddist temple, with another really cool huge Bhuddah

Strolling down one of the back streets in Chiang Mai - a lot of cool little shops (no I didn't try any food that looked like it had been left out for a while)

These were particularly favorite spots for me. The areas with lots of foliage here are just beautiful.

Had to head up to Doi Suthep to check out the views.....it was a long walk

When I finally got to the top and saw this, plus the view of the city, made it all worth it.

More gorgeous sights of trees and foliage....I miss this stuff

Shot of Doi Suthep from just outside of the main area for prayer

I stayed at this temple (Doi Suthep) for a really long time, it felt so comfortable and peaceful there.

Also made it up to the highest spot in Thailand.....Doi Inthanon.

Up on Doi Inthanon, there are all kinds of cool forest pockets that you can just walk right into

On the way back down from the peak, caught this amazing waterfall - I stood there in awe for over an hour

As I was walking through the night market, I saw all of these lights up in the sky (look closely) - apparently this is a religious tradition here. Pretty cool.

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