Monday, May 26, 2008

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Landed in Phnom Penh, promptly greeted by the standrard array of tuk-tuks

There was a flurry of activity in the streets, despite it being quite early in the morning

On the way to my hotel, caught this monk chillin outside of a cafe

Saw this fantastic monument in the center of the city while in route

After lunch I headed out to the killing fields, first stopping by this high-school, which was converted to a torture house during the terror of the khmer rouge

This was one of the former classrooms where educated citizens were routinely tortured

Mugshot photographs of the many citizens that were killed in this very complex; the rows of shots spanned for as far as you could see

Inside another torture chamber - needless to say, it was hard walking around inside of these walls

After that exhausting experience, I went out to the killing fields - got a photo of this monk posting it on his porch

The first monument I saw here was a tower filled with rows of skulls belonging to the victims

Shot of that same monument above but from a distance

These large divots in the ground are mass graves, often times with up to 70 or 80 bodies inside

There was a chilling feeling in the air here - there's something absolutely terrifying about standing on the very grounds where a recent mass genocide has taken place

After paying my respects out in the fields, I headed back into town to soak in some of the sights of progress and re-building in this amazing place

Ventured into a market area where tons of trading and bargaining were going on

Also rolled over to Wat Phnom, the largest temple in Phnom Penh

I met Sambo here, who's the sole resident elephant living here on the grounds of Wat Phnom

There were also tons of monkeys running around this place

The temple up top of Wat Phnom on a beautiful sunny day

Needless to say, the look and feel of this place was very fascinating to me (similar to Thailand)

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