Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Opening shot of the city

Where Napolean is buried (Center of Defense)

The botanical gardens

Soaking in the view of the riverfront

The Mayor's Office

Interesting Architecture everywhere

Just outside the Louvre

Went to several Cafes like this one

Sacre Coeur

A scene from the Da Vinci Code (Concorde Square)

Random shot of the city

Eiffel Tower at night time

Me out front of the Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame

Me out front of Notre Dame

Out front the the Louvre Museum

Arc De Triumphe!

Another scene out of the Da Vinci Code

The Eiffel Tower (once more)


Ben said...

nice pics mang
reminds me of my germany days...
when i got my souvenirs jackd from my backpack (in paris)

Mr. Spoofee said...

First I felt bad for you that you had to go on a 4 month long business trip.. but nevermind.. looks like a fun experience. Damn.. I hope they fly me to Dublin.

Rod said...

Big pimpin homie!

Lawrence said...

Looks tight. have a good time out there.. looks like you're soaking in all the sights of the old world.

derek said...

Dog, I'm glad you're having fun. All you need is a beret and and cheese in your hand and you would have looked like a native. Bose!

epat said...

some nice shots dude. my only problem is that there should be a guinness in your hand in every picture.