Sunday, March 04, 2007

Howthe, Ireland

Headed out to Howthe, Ireland this weekend.

Charming little fishing town sitting on the Atlantic.

Headed straight for the water. Ocean view was amazing.

Sea Lions came within 5 ft of the shore; I'd never seen them that close.

The mountains are pretty striking here. Notice the rainbow.

Shot of an old church steeple in the distance. The churches in Ireland have an amazing archaic look to them.

Stopped by a cool little pub to watch the Liverpool vs Manchester soccer game. Soccer & Rugby are huge over here.

Undoubtedly the best beer I've ever had.

Saw an old lighthouse, since converted into a museuem.

Some killer views from the lighthouse summit.

This is the oldest church in Howthe: erected in 1042.

It was pretty cool standing next to a structure that's almost a 1,000 yrs old.

All the green you could expect to see in Ireland.

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