Wednesday, April 04, 2007


After some delay, I hit the road again this past weekend

Much like Paris, great coffee and nice cafes can be found at every corner

Having cafe con leche early in the morning, notice la croissant: sophisticated

The weather was
so nice when I first got there

Chillin with the mermaids. The Spaniards are really into the whole quasi-human statues (these are all over the city)

Super cool architecture in this city

Went to the Sagrada Church, which was breathtaking

You had to see it to believe how big this thing is; Gaudi spent 43 years of his life trying to complete this church -- they're still working on it

Took the Gondola lift up to this Museum on the other side of Barcelona

Got some really cool aerial shots (yes it started to rain at this point)

Came back from the soccer stadium, and stumbled upon this view

Took a stroll over to the Museu D'art: hands down the coolest building I've seen yet........friggin waterfalls!

This part of the city had a really cool vibe. Needless to say, I was awed by this museum.

When in Spain, gotta grab some Tapas and Estrella (which actually was a nice change of pace from Guinness since that's all I've been having -- can't complain though)

Stopped by another Gaudi-designed house; Barcelona is definitely Gaudi's city

Checked out this park up on a hill, the view from this park was spectacular

It was cool to see the way the mountains interweave with the housing complexes all throughout the city

After a long hike up, finally made it to this park, which was designed by? You guessed it: Gaudi

Just soaking in Barcelona.......

A nice little view from the rooftops. Stained glass is another common theme over here.

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