Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Went out to London this weekend, Kensington Palace (Gardens dedicated to Princess Diana) in the background

Statue of William the 3rd who founded this royal home in 1689

The red tele-booths....soooooo cool

And of course, the double decker red buses

Buckingham Palace, which sat across the street from St. James park, had a beautiful view of the city

The dudes with the furry hats; these cats seriously did not move

Saw the Westminster Abbey, the attention to detail on this church was incredible

Head on shot of the front door of the Westminster Abbey

Big Ben!!!

Checked out the House of Parliament where Tony Blair and Ali G handle business

Shot of the east end of the House of Parliament, this building is huge!

Really cool statue of Winston Churchill

Posting it out front of the Tower of London

Shot of the London Tower, otherwise known in the US as the London Bridge (which is actually down the road -- couldn't understand why people kept correcting me over there)

London has this interesting mix of the old school architecture (Tower of London, foreground) and newer buildings (The "Rotating" Building, background -- it seriously spins)

Picadilly Circus -- infamous scene from Austin Powers

Saint James Cathedral in the distance. Winston Churchill asked everyday if this building was still standing during the final year of World War 2

Big Ben was pretty amazing to see at night. You could see it from virtually anywhere in the city.

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