Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The KL baby! This spot is so tight; I'm a big fan after hitting Malaysia

Had to hit up Chinatown, which was quite a bustling area

I really dug the various buildings in this area, and you could walk freely inside

After walking inside one of the temples, I can honestly say I didn't want to leave, but then I got hungry

Walked into this hole in the wall restaurant (literally) and took a big step to order some food; for as nervous as I was it turned out to be really good (the brown stuff is water...........kidding, it's tea)

Headed back out to the market area, but couldn't find anything worth exercising my bargaining skills on

I had been waiting all day for it to rain, but damn when it did it was like a monsoon

After heading outside of the city, there were awesome palm tree forests for as far as the eye could see

Stumbled upon this really really old Chinese cemetery just underneath one of the forests

Eventually ventured into one section of a palm tree forest: fresh air, peace and quiet.

I hit up a monkey sanctuary too, which was so baller. I really was this close, no zoom.

This guy was my favorite; I was ready to pack him up and take him home with me

Spent some time feeding this mama monkey and her little baby

This dude straight up tried to jack my wallet (or the green beans I had in my pocket)

I really want a pet monkey - it was so cool being so close to these guys

Went to a little crab shack down on the river, and the food was banging

Pimp view of the river while I was stuffing my face

From the top of this mountain I could see where the sky met the water met the forest, Malaysia is beautiful like this everywhere you go

Also went up to the top of the KL Tower

There was quite a nice 360* view of the city from up top

Shot of the Petronas Towers from the top of the KL Tower, these things looked so cool at night

One more shot from just out front of the Petronas Towers

And as fate would have it: found an A&W just as I was leaving. Beautiful.

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