Saturday, December 15, 2007

Golconda Fort and the Tombs

These tombs were close to 700 years old, so I'm told

Just to give some scale as to how big these things were, and they were deep in a forest area

Really cool architecture, the closer you got the more detail that appeared

The deeper I got into this forest, the more this place started to look like something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie

The sky was a bizarre color here, but for some reason my camera made it look really weird

Same thing in this picture, I think maybe my camera is starting to feel it's age

It also seemed that the deeper I got, the more elaborate the designs for each tomb became

Inside of the above tomb, where some of the royal families are buried

Golconda Fort off in the distance. I know I shouldn't be comparing, but seeing this really made me miss Scotland......a lot.

Headed up to the fort from the tombs, this thing was like a thousand years old.

Really cool religious paintings within the fort

Ariel view of one section of the fort left in ruins. Needless to say, this place was big

Just outside the walls of the fort, the sun disappearing in the distance

There were actually layers of outer walls for additional defense when this place was functional

When I finally got to the very top of the fort, the call for 6:30pm prayer began and I could hear it from all angles of the city. While it was not in sync, it was pretty amazing to witness.

Highest point from within the fort, lookout area for approaching enemies

Nightfall coming over the fort, this place looked really cool lit up at night

From inside the bottom of the fort at night

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