Saturday, December 20, 2008


Shanghai is such an incredible city - brimming with energy

The grandiose reminded me of Paris or New York

Nanjing Road is, quite frankly, off the hook

The lights, the energy, the movement - I found myself hanging out here a lot

I also found out that I'm a huge fan of Shanghainese food - delicious restaurants abound

Hanging out a favorite global joint of mine (I'm addicted to coffee)

Afternoon view of Pudong's phenomenal skyline

Despite all of the chaos going on along this river, it's a really peaceful to chill out

A place that's not peaceful - the fake Louis V shops. I almost got stampeded by a gang of old women scrambling for fake Berberi scarves.

Shanghai dumplings - talk about delicious. I ordered this whole pot.

I couldn't stop chuckling about this - I'm sure this is what Marx and company had in mind.

Loved the quaint little alleys and side streets; very European feel

Had to head back down to the Huangpu River when the sun came out

Interesting mix of brands scattered along the river - this section actually reminded me of Dubai

Yet another vantage point of the river

No matter where you go these days, just can't get away from advertising

Chillin out down by The Bund later in the evening

Jumped on a boat to catch the Pudong district lit up at night - what a sight

The Citi and Aurora buildings have massive displays built into the sides of the buildings

The infamous bottle opener building (Shanghai World Financial Center), designed by a Japanese architect

Panoramic view of The Bund at night; taken while cruising down the river in a boat

A second shot from the other end of The Bund

I'm not sure what the deal was with this building - but it sure looked cool

Lots of malls and shopping happening just off Nanjing Road

An older, but equally charming section of Shanghai - amazing architecture

Just down the street is the first McDonald's to hit China (~two decades ago)

More absolutely incredible architecture

Caught this cat drawing out some pretty cool characters with water and a brush

Another area of the city, with a little less traffic

True this - great city!

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