Monday, January 12, 2009

Singapore and Thailand

Back in November, I hit up a tour of SE Asia for work (yes, I'm that behind on posts)

The ports of Singapore are logistical awes - really incredible stuff

Lots of things to be received and shipped - had never seen a port like this before

Singapore continues to build up in order to keep pace with its incredible economic momentum

Singapore Slings on the 74th floor at the New Asia bar

Had to head down to the river in Singapore too; so many great restaurants here

You can pick out your own fish - yup, the food is that "fresh"

There are also numerous food courts spread out across Singapore - great food for a cheap price

Had to pop off a shot with the JPlus

I love this about Asia - the East meets West architecture of the city, and somehow it all works

And notice how clean the streets are in Singapore - you won't find any gum on these sidewalks

I made it out to Bangkok too - I love Thailand, and not just for the hot pink taxis

Coming into the city of Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi airport

Bangkok, despite being a highly populated city, has beautiful pockets of rivers and foliage in the most random spots

View from my room at the Sofitel; highly recommend that hotel if you go through bkk

Another shot of Bangkok's downtown skyline

Beneath these tin roofs are some amazing eating joints

Mango and sticky rice w/ ice cream in Bangkok - don't get better than this

One thing I really like about Bangkok, and Thailand in general, is everywhere you turn there are these small little religious statues

Get the best pad thai you've ever had for less than a buck out here

And of course, a trip to Bangkok would not be complete without grabbing a scotch at the bar on top of the State Tower

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