Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vietnam and the Philippines

After wrapping things up in Singapore and Thailand, had to continue heading east to Vietnam and the Philippines. We first landed in Saigon, and the weather was amazing.

Shot of the street from the lobby of my hotel. Love the palm trees in District 1.

Saigon has a beautiful river running through the city, with cranes saturating the shores.

Saigon produces some of the best beer I've ever had in "333." Unfortunately though, it's not available as an export.

City Hall located at the heart of District 1. Quite a sight in the early evening.

Hit this restaurant where they grill everything right there at the table. Incredibly fresh food too. And more "333" beer. Goodness.

Coffee and scooters - my kind of scene.

Had to get a shot of me next to the statue of Ho Chi Minh.

I'm always on the lookout for buildings steeped in Eastern architecture.

Candid shot of a backstreet early in the morning.

Further down the same street, I saw what looked to be like a small army of scooters getting ready to take off from the light.

After Vietnam, headed east again to the Philippines. There are beautiful islands to be seen in every direction as the plane begins to descend into Manila airport.

Next time I get out to the Philippines, I really need to spend some time out on these islands.

Preparing to land in Manila.

One thing I notice as we were landing was how densely packed certain patches of Manila are.

Once in Manila I saw some interesting "jeepneys." These things look like public cabs straight out of Mad Max.

Had to get a few different shots of these things. Unreal.

It's amazing to me how far 7-11's grasp runs through Southeast Asia.

A couple of kids just kicking it at the bus stop mid-day.

A shot of the business district of Manila, from a few miles outside of the district.

A shot of the mountains while heading down the freeway.

After a long journey, finally made it to the hotel where I proceeded to sleep.....a lot.

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