Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Charmenar, India

Made it out to Charmenar to see the palace, the mosque, and the Hindu temple.....palace is below

View from the roof of the palace - yes, there really are that many people on a given street here

I strolled down on of these back streets to see what was going on and I got mobbed by a swarm of people asking me for everything from money to getting a picture taken with me........crazy shit.

The local hospital just behind the open market

The buses here drive like they're competing at Le Mans or something

And I damn sure ain't getting on one of these tuk-tuks; these things are powered by lawn mower engines....sometimes I see like 15 people crowded into one of these!

Also hit up the largest mosque in India; over ten thousand people gather here for prayer on Friday afternoons

Ventured inside of the mosque - I had to take my shoes off (what a risk taker huh?)

The locals actually let me inside of the temple to take a pic (that's not me on the left though). I got blessed too, which was pretty cool. Glad I did that.

The size of this place was really impressive.

Then made it out to a Hindu temple. This place was so beautiful - made entirely out of Italian and German marble.

Unfortunately they wouldn't let any cameras or cell phones inside, so I only got a few shots from the outside. This temple was so peaceful, I could have stayed there for hours.

Shot of the temple at night.

And of course, I've been hitting up the buffets at the Marriott, the Sheraton, the Taj Krishna; this is the entrance to the Sheraton.

Nice little view of the pool while eating out on the patio.

I didn't even bother with getting the regular food - had to cut straight to the good stuff.

The calm before the storm, things are seconds away from getting serious

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