Saturday, November 17, 2007

Singapore (back at it again)

As most know, I'm out on my next adventure....first off, there's no other way to fly than Singapore Airlines - talk about service. These guys know how to treat passengers right, and the airbuses are really spacious.

Singapore International Airport is friggin huge! There's a mall, food courts, a hotel, a movie theater, bars, a massage parlor, and armed military men walking around with big ass machine guns (I opted not to take a picture of them).

There's a lot of foliage in Singapore, which makes this place really easy on the eyes.

I was told that the government looks at Singapore as a country within a garden. It looked like this everywhere I went.

Singapore has an "Eye of Singapore," which they clearly ripped from my homies in London - c'mon guys - strive to be original.

The skyline here is phenomenal though; I understand this whole "four tigers of the east" deal now.

This place is so clean it's crazy - I started feeling guilty just walking around and leaving footprints behind me.

It's highly impressive how developed this country is. I didn't realize there was such economic momentum here.

Took a stroll through the city, a really safe place. And of course, more trees.

The downtown is particularly impressive. There are literally towers in all directions.......and there's a statue of some random Brit on the right......brilliant!

Jumped on a little boat and started out on a cruise down the river.

Singapore is ultra humid. For a hot minute I thought I was gonna jump in the water, but as you can see by the color, I decided against that.

There's a really cool little "on the river" culture here (kind of reminded me of Amsterdam). All those tents in the distance are little bar/chill areas.

A shot of downtown from the river.

More shots of the river front life - nice place to have a cold brew.

I was drenched from the humidity at this point. Had to step out and have a Foster's, which is clearly the beer of choice in the east.

Shot from across the way of the Government Assembly building.

There was development happening all over the place here; I haven't seen this many cranes since I was in Dublin!

A picture of the MerLion, which is the "mascot" of Singapore. Top half is a lion, bottom half is a mermaid.........I didn't ask.

All in all, Singapore is pretty tight.

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BjornLee said...

HAHAHA.. belated welcome to my home country.. *ahem* felt i had to play the travel guide here..

- tiger is the "beer of choice" among foreigners in singapore but locals hate it, inc me..
- the half-lion, half-mermaid statue is a figment of our tourism promotion board's imagination.. lol
- the random brit founded singapore in early 19th century, hes called Thomas S. Raffles and the top schools are named after him.. locals dun care abt his statue but the same tourism board does to add more flavor for tourists.. :)