Friday, November 30, 2007

Bangkok, Thailand

The Buddhist temples here are so cool to just stare at, I took many pics of these

The statues all throughout these places were awesome

Amazing - it was so peaceful here

The various poses of the Buddha

Just to give a little scale to how big the inside of these temples were

View from one end of a city street; the area I was staying in was a nice, slower part of Bangkok

As I was wandering one of the neighborhoods, I kept hearing this "whoop! whoop!" sound. When I went to investigate, I found that someone had a pet monkey!

There are lots of cool little bars and outdoor patio areas like this to kick it at

There are friggin 7-11s everywhere throughout Bangkok.....seriously......everywhere

This is the public transportation system in Bangkok: an open-bed truck with a tarp over the top.......they call it a bus - I almost got killed on one of these.

There are also hot pink taxis everywhere. It's really hard to be cool in one of these.

Backstreet to one of the neighborhoods I wandered into.

Yet another humongous temple that I strolled past. I couldn't stay here too long though cuz there was a pack of wild dogs just mugging me and for some reason my Dog Whisperer trick wouldn't work.

Caught a shot of this kid feeding these gigantic fish in the river

Also headed up to the top of the state towers, which had such an amazing view of the city

What a view, and the scotch was so cheap here!

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