Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Halong Bay and Hanoi, Vietnam

Flew into Hanoi from Saigon before cruising out to take a boat across Halong Bay

Halong Bay is absolutely beautiful, there were boats and massive limestones as far as I could see

I was posting it on the Phoenix cruiser - straight up baller

It was bright and early when this was taken; just getting ready to have my coffee before setting out for the open sea

The sights from the top deck of the boat were absolutely incredible - gigantic limestones shooting out from the ocean

Took a little journey out to see the floating villages

I gotta get me one of these houses right on the water

It was so peaceful being out here in the middle of the ocean

Stopped on one of the really massive limestones to venture into a cave

Coming out from the cave, caught one of these cruisers just between the trees

Stopped by a fish farm just off the coast of Halong Bay too, which was really neat to see

When we parked just off the coast of Cat Ba Island, I was amazed at the number of cruisers I saw

Shot from the balcony of my hotel on the coast of Cat Ba Island

More floating villages that I got to check out on the way back to Hanoi; I loved the glassy turquoise color of the water

Shot of Hanoi as I got back into town - Saigon and Hanoi are like night and day

Went to check out a really cool little pagoda in the middle of a lake in Hanoi

It's funny to see the stares that I get in some of these places

Of course, when I was heading back to Saigon while waiting at the airport, I ran into some monks and had to take advantage of the photo-op

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