Monday, March 31, 2008

Goa & Kerala, India

There were two places in India that everyone kept telling me to check out: Goa & Kerala. Below is my trip out to Goa; definitely some beautiful beaches there.

I had actually been told by some Australian backpackers in Vietnam that Goa was a "must-visit" on the Hippie Trail

When I made it out far enough at sea, I sat back and watched families of dolphins swimming through the open waters (but couldn't get any good pics of them)

More dolphins swimming in the distance, this guy kinda looked like jaws coming at us

Once back on the shore, it was great to finally sit down and enjoy the dollar beers

I was shocked at the volume of tourism in this town; tons of Europeans in particular. Cool place.

I was really impressed with Kerala. Jumped on a boat to sail down a river that runs right into the Arabian Sea.

This area was really peaceful, and the houseboats were very cool.

And so we made our way out towards the Arabian Sea, sailing down the backwaters.

At certain points along the river, there was nothing but silence and palm trees.

There was a heavy Christian influence in both Goa & Kerala, as I saw many churches in both places. This orange church sitting off the river bank was really nice.

Kerala, I've been told, is the only Communist run county in India

And yet, as I noted above, there is a heavy religious (Christian) presence in Kerala......interesting.

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